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Please note that your page may take a few minutes to load as there is a lot of great art and in-show programming being prepared. When the show has fully loaded, we encourage you to expand the window to full screen and review the navigation instructions carefully for tips on walking around the space. Want to jump to a particular gallery quickly? Click into one of our booths conveniently located on the exhibitor’s information walls in the lobby. See something you like? To view artwork in more detail, simply walk up to the work and click on it for inquiry options.

I have always been interested in history, anthropology, genealogy and other aspects of social and cultural dynamics. The majority of my work explores some aspect of one or more of these topics, and I am always looking for new ways to visually express the non-verbal or underlying dynamics as they play out in social settings. The artwork in this show represents work created in response to these themes, as well as pieces that reflect the upheaval of the last year.

I make art because it is who I am as a person. I’ve pursued art in one form or other all my life, but did not begin a career as a full time artist until 1999, after a 20 year career in urban planning and transit. My journey in the art world has included working for non-profit arts organizations, coordinating art festivals, managing an art gallery, and teaching, in addition to showing my own work in exhibitions on both the east and west coasts. One of the most rewarding aspects of this has been the opportunity to absorb an incredible amount of creative energy from fellow artists, students, patrons and even casual observers. I thrive on the interaction that occurs naturally in these settings.

Generally speaking, for most artists, myself included, creating art is a solitary undertaking, as one contemplates an idea, determines what form it should take and what materials to use, then finally executes it. Most often it’s not a straight line from idea to completion, and the thrill is feeling a surge of creative energy in response to the work of putting an intangible concept into physical form. The energy flows into the materials as they are being put down on the surface and If I can make someone feel some of that, in addition to whatever other message is contained in the work, then I have succeeded.

The primary inspiration for my art is creating a visual expression of the elements of life that connect us as human beings and illuminate the true self. While I often construct purely abstract compositions focusing on color, pattern and texture, most of my work incorporates some representational elements, as a way for the viewer to identify and engage with the piece. In general I am most drawn to themes addressing cultural integration, how we define ourselves in relation to others, and biases that cause misunderstanding. I often use cultural motifs, symbols, text and related representations of ethnic, racial, gender and other forms of social identity. None of us can claim to be pure anything – we are only the latest version of millennia of mixing, matching, migrating and mingling. I layer materials both literally and figuratively, often with metallic or glass elements, to provide dimension and reflect light. This approach allows me to construct a visual interpretation of the richness of the fabric of life and reinforce concepts which unify rather than divide. Thank you for visiting!

Sharon Robinson

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