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I use bright vibrant color and movement to create figurative, abstract expressionist and completely non-figurative paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic, and charcoal.

Much of my work is focused on documenting my experiences. I have visited many countries collecting memories, insights, gaining respect for others and learning more with each trip about the fullness and struggles of the human experience. I return home and capture these experiences on canvas in my figurative paintings. Jazz and jazz artists are my greatest muse. I watch them in the parks or in the concert halls, bars or just on the street or in the subway. I try to capture not only their image but the feelings their music conjures within me. In my non-figurative work I lay the subject aside and just focus on that feeling of jazz, the soulfulness, the way it takes me on a journey to previously unseen places. I strive to create in a visual form that which the jazz masters create in music, a kind of willful synesthesia.

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