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Please note that your page may take a few minutes to load as there is a lot of great art and in-show programming being prepared. When the show has fully loaded, we encourage you to expand the window to full screen and review the navigation instructions carefully for tips on walking around the space. Want to jump to a particular gallery quickly? Click into one of our booths conveniently located on the exhibitor’s information walls in the lobby. See something you like? To view artwork in more detail, simply walk up to the work and click on it for inquiry options.

Brandee C is a visual artist, graphic designer, and photographer.

Cierrah P is a photographer and creative director.

Amahzha-Natay L is a fine artist.

Brandee C says – “My art is a combination of photography, digital art, and graphic design. What is my why? For me, art is a form of self-care. I am inspired by pop culture and photography. As I’ve grown as an artist, I see art in everything around me. My goal is to create visual art that influences pop culture through advertising and marketing media channels.”

Cierrah P says – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and My goal as a visionary is to capture different higher perspectives and invoke pure raw emotion from my audience with positive intent behind my work. ”

Amahzha-Natay L says- “Creating art is my form of self expression. I use it as a platform to efficiently express my thoughts, feelings and perception of reality. My father is the most influential person to my creative process. He was a marine and that influenced me to incorporate camouflage as the basis for most of my work. I am also influenced by Japanese graffiti art and numerology. The number three is very significant to me because of my father’s passing on April 3rd, 2005. “Three is the the number of time: Past, Present, Future; Birth, Life, Death; Beginning, Middle, End and three is the number of the divine.”

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