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Viewing Instructions

Show Features

Presenting both solo artist displays as well as themed displays

Artist’s Audio Guide (some artists are not doing the audio guide)

Special Programming – VIP Experiences

1000+ important artworks are available for immediate acquisition

Featuring 60 artists and gallery displays, from around the world highlighting the African Diaspora

Examine each gallery’s artworks, singularly and vividly, in both 2D or 3D on the wall

Enter each gallery in full display, and meander within the booth to discover art in HD quality or walk around sculptures with BUY Now or dealer inquiry options

Art pieces range in price from Art pieces range in price from $250 to $10 million

Augmented Viewing

Technically, the platform’s superior video interface offers many cutting-edge features. To enhance the viewing experience with precision, we offer the enlarged highlight box (occurs when a visitor approaches the piece) with appropriate artwork info, as well as a magnified zoom for greater inspection capability, 3D video viewing, and narrative audio content.

How to move in a booth

Interactive Spaces

Searching the galleries is intuitive, requiring only a mouse or arrow keys to navigate the online viewing rooms on desktop or touchscreen. It invites visitors to step inside the interactive 3D spaces – which are easily accessible by desktop computers, tablets, or cell phones, round the clock.

Tips for Viewing Booths

Mobile Users: Download App

Tips for Viewing Booths

Mobile Users: Download App