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Please note that your page may take a few minutes to load as there is a lot of great art and in-show programming being prepared. When the show has fully loaded, we encourage you to expand the window to full screen and review the navigation instructions carefully for tips on walking around the space. Want to jump to a particular gallery quickly? Click into one of our booths conveniently located on the exhibitor’s information walls in the lobby. See something you like? To view artwork in more detail, simply walk up to the work and click on it for inquiry options.

Bronx Born, Modern Artist Anton, creatively explores the many artistic avenues life has to offer, in New York Cities urban melting pot. Working on paintings almost daily, the artist themes instinctively revolve around striving through adversities no matter how challenging, along with documenting historical narratives in his art works.

Addictively drawn toward colors and shapes, Anton began drawing, coloring, sketching and painting at an early age. With such a thirst to create a unique style of his own after becoming bored with conventional looks in art, the artist began studying unconventional artists, abstract, primitive and African art. Soon after a style evolved and the artist has nurtured this empowering purpose and vision since.

Through “Untiltled” paintings, the artist intentions are to provoke and jolt the viewers thinking by challenging them visually. Anton quotes, “I want the viewer to remember the art by establishing a personal connection from the experience of visually exploring the art, possibly creating his or her own title.”

CONTACT : antonmodernart@gmail.com / 914 863 1508

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