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Please note that your page may take a few minutes to load as there is a lot of great art and in-show programming being prepared. When the show has fully loaded, we encourage you to expand the window to full screen and review the navigation instructions carefully for tips on walking around the space. Want to jump to a particular gallery quickly? Click into one of our booths conveniently located on the exhibitor’s information walls in the lobby. See something you like? To view artwork in more detail, simply walk up to the work and click on it for inquiry options.

Experience the power of mandalas as you “Journey to the Center”. Mandala, Sanskrit for circle is formed with symbols intricately placed in a circular pattern. Traditionally, the Buddha’s mind is abstractly represented with mostly organic creations like flowers, crystals and trees. Instead, Pamella Allen draws from her familiar, past memories and new explorations. ~Dr. Myrah Brown Green, Curator

The Mass Comm Art Gallery at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York has shown works by students, faculty and community artists throughout the past decade. During these challenging times, like most institutions, our trajectory has changed. However, we are afforded the opportunity to now expand our artist reach and touch a wider audience across the globe through a virtual platform.

Our inaugural exhibition features the masterful work of Pamella Allen. In this magnificent exhibition entitled, “Journey to the Center”, curated by Dr. Myrah Brown Green, her peace filled mandalas do not only mesmerize through their visual beauty. They also serve as a blueprint that may help guide us back to our center so that we can make adjustments and heal what has been altered during this tumultuous time in history.

Upon entering the exhibition, one our talented BFA program’s dance professors, Jade Charon Robertson collaborates with Pamella Allen in a short video where together they bring a mandala to life.

“When our minds are conditioned to live close to the perimeter of the Mandala—away from the Now center—we have a false sense of self and a mistaken view of others that blinds us to their essence and us to our own.”
~R. Moss

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