JetBlue commissioned HFAS for an Art Mural showcasing Black Artistry during Black History Month

Bessie Coleman was the first African-American woman and first Native American to hold a pilot license. The artist, Bryan Hickman II, also known as King Prolifik, is a visual artist residing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. To him, Bessie Coleman represents tenacity and persistence, from overcoming tremendous obstacles to finding her purpose through relentless pursuits. The Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS) is the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, HFAS provides a platform for African Diasporic visionaries as well as American visual artists to exhibit and sell their artwork. The Harlem Fine Arts Show is returning to New York City for its 15th Anniversary Celebration. To view and purchase work by Bryan Hickman II and our 60+ Other Confirmed Exhibitors, buy tickets below:

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