HFAS – Artist Spotlight – Chuks Echiemeze Okoye

HFAS 2016 – Artist Spotlight – Chuks Echiemeze OkoyeChuks E. Okoye was born in Jos, in Northern Nigeria. He began his Post Secondary education at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, in 1980. After a brief stay at the School of Fine and Applied Arts, where he was majoring in sculpture and African iconography, Chuks migrated to the United States of America. Continuing his studies in the United States, in 1983, Mr. Okoye obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma in 1987, with a major in product design and a minor in painting.

Chuks has chosen African and American art as his primary form of artistic expression by creating works of art in mixed-media, pencil, oil, and acrylic paintings. His recent venture into woodcarving and wall sculpture has earned him an extraordinary place in the art world as well. He has transformed this art form into framed wood collages and three-dimensional wall hangings, thereby creating a contemporary feel to this cultural reflection. The paintings and sculptures created by Chuks E. Okoye are distinctive, with a combination of realism and abstraction, using African beads and woven silk/rayon thread to make symbols and designs.
On canvas, this technique creates a three-dimensional effect. His art is a true representation of positive images that give rise to motivation and hope in ALL people. In fact, Chuks considers himself a pioneer in a new style of painting he calls “Abstract-Realism.”

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