HFAS – Artist Spotlight – Andrew Nichols

Born in Brooklyn New York, Andrew discovered that he had a gift of drawing at an early age. He began expressing himself through pencil on paper in elementary school and soon began receiving formal Art awards, his first being at age nine. The signal was clear to those around him or to anyone who viewed his early work, that Andrew had a true talent. Andrew continued to win awards throughout junior and senior high school. His artworks remained displayed at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn New York.

Andrew continued his education and art expression at Kingsboro Community College. It was during this time in his life that he developed a passion for oil on canvas.

Andrew began to tour the region selling his original oils. He was soon displaying his artworks at the Jacob Javits Center, Pratt Institute and one man shows. Andrew expresses positive African American images through his artworks. He projects his passion of the family as a strong loving unit.

Andrew often transfers his love for children to his canvas. He expresses life beginning on a canvas painting called “Welcome to the World”.

Nichols is best known for some of his latest artworks like “Goodnight” “Harmony”, “Sisters” and “Good Morning” just to name a few. When asked about a heart-felt moment, Andrew sites when several members of the New Jersey Nets purchased his oil originals as “defining” for him.

Andrew’s message tot he world community is, “We are all role models to each other in one way or another. Always be positive because somebody is looking up to you, known or unknown. Stay focused on your dream; do not be afraid to express your passion. Just as I transfer my feelings and inspiration to canvas, you are transferring your positive strength to others.”

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