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Welcome to the Harlem Fine Arts Fair Like Never Before!

View art in the Latest 2D & 3D Virtual Reality

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Black History Month: Fire Side Chat Live Stream
Press Preview Week
Opening to Public
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*Dates subject to change by HFAS management

60+ booths presented by select artist and galleries in striking virtual reality – from the Producers of the International Harlem Fine Arts Show

Featuring International Artists

Al Johnson — Al Johnson The Artist
Cassandra Harrison — I AM DOLLS
David Dixon — DAVID K. DIXON
Diana Shannon Young — Diana Shannon Young Fine Art
Elizabeth Baez — ELIZABETH BAEZ
Frank Frazier — FRANK FRAZIER
Glenn Tunstull — Tunstull Studio
Jay Roberts — JMR Designs
John Pinderhughes — John Pinderhughes
Lisa DuBois — Lisa Dubois
Matthew L. Davis — MatyoCreations
Michael Escoffery — Michael Escoffery Studios
Michelle R. Cobb — Michellereneart
Nyeisha Jaze Padmore — Nyeshia Jazè J Padmore Creative Artist
Roederick Vines — Roederick Vines
Stanwyck Cromwell — Stanwyck Cromwell

Wendolyn Kendrick — ART BY WEPA – Wendolyn Kendrick
Danny Simmons — Danny Simmons
Chris Osborne — Chris Osborne
Kalen McQuire — Kalen McQuire
Sharon Robinson — Sharon Robinson
Otto Neals — Otto Neals
Myrah Brown Green — Myrah Brown Green
Christopher Crenshaw — Christopher Crenshaw
Donna Ladson — D’Artist Donna Ladson
Che Baraka — Che Baraka
Keiona Clark — DMV League of Artists
Ademola Olugebefola — Ademola Olugebefola
Soweto Gallery — Soweto Fine Art Gallery
Joanne Graham — The Graham Collection
Elvin Kince — Elvin Kince
Omar Canate — Omar Canate
George Balams — G. Bodie Balams
Georgia Fullerton — Georgia Fullerton
Larry Brown — Ancestral Beads

Lobby: Online Viewing Rooms

February 2021 – July 2021

Online Viewing Rooms is HFAS’s virtual platform connecting the world’s leading galleries with our global network of collectors and art enthusiasts. Our show will be dedicated to artists who have lead the African Diasporic art world internationally.  HFAS Virtual will run February 2021 – July 2021, and feature 60 galleries.

Fair Features

  • Open 7 days, from February 2021 to July 2021
  • Examine each gallery’s artworks, singularly and vividly, in both 2D or 3D on the wall
  • Enter each gallery’s full VR display (virtual reality), and meander within the booth to discover art in HD quality or walk around sculptures with BUY Now or dealer inquiry options
  • 1000+ important artworks are available for immediate acquisition
  • Featuring 60 artist and gallery displays, from around the world highlight the African Diaspora

Special Displays

  • Presenting both solo artist displays as well as themed displays
  • Artist’s Audio Guide (some artists are not doing the audio guide)
  • Special Programming – VIP Experiences
  • Showcasing the finest African Diasporic Art
  • Art pieces range in price from Art pieces range in price from $250 to $10 million

Tips for Viewing VR (Virtual Reality) Booths:

  1. Best to view on a desktop and laptop
  2. Download Walters Cube mobile app
  3. Answer “yes” to confirm this download
  4. Then navigate within the booth’s walls
  5. Explore all the art
  6. Click any art piece for gallery inquiry options

For Mobile App

How to move in a booth

Augmented Viewing

Technically, the platform’s superior VR (virtual reality) video interface offers many cutting-edge features. To enhance the viewing experience with precision, we offer the enlarged highlight box (occurs when a visitor approaches the piece) with appropriate artwork info, as well as a magnified zoom for greater inspection capability, 3D video viewing, and narrative audio content.

Interactive Spaces

Searching the galleries is intuitive, requiring only a mouse or arrow keys to navigate the online viewing rooms on desktop or touchscreen. It invites visitors to step inside the interactive 3D spaces – which are easily accessible by desktop computers, tablets, or cell phones, round the clock.

About Harlem Fine Arts Show

As the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States, HFAS prides itself on its uncanny ability to bring people of all different backgrounds together to celebrate the fine arts of the African Diaspora. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, HFAS provides a platform African Diasporic Visionaries as well as American visual artist to exhibit and sell their artwork. The Harlem Fine Arts show has also created economic empowerment, educational opportunities and professional recognition within the multicultural community. First held in February 2010 in New York City, the Harlem Fine Arts Show has attracted more than 80,000 visitors to venues, including Martha’s Vineyard, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, White Plains, NY and New York City. Attendees include collectors, art enthusiasts, educators, students and professionals.

2021 Virtual Show

Coming February 2021

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