Lecture Series

Our lecture series is an educational forum that offers insights from influential professionals in the arts, finance, and diversity sectors. Discussion topics focus on the national and international impact of arts and culture.


Youth Empowerment Day

Youth Empowerment Day (YED) is a S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program. Since art programs are being cut from schools, YED is an avenue for students to be exposed to the arts outside of the classroom. Students from participating schools are able to tour the art show for free, watch a play depicting multicultural experiences,  interact with artists about how the arts connects to science, and speak with sponsors about career opportunities. Thus, YED is a way for students to embrace the past and archive the history of now.


Young Master’s Program

The Young Master’s Program is a platform for young and emerging artists in the visual and performing arts to showcase their work. Similar to the impact of the Harlem Renaissance, the Harlem Fine Arts Show anticipates the Young Master’s Program to be a cultural, social and artistic hub for the next generation of creatives.